Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Chiltern Ridge Apple Juice

Pick your apples when they are ready, and bring them along so that we can juice them. You can bring eating apples, cooking apples and even pears. - we really don't mind!

Our Apple Juice Services include:

Juice from your own apples
Apple Juice for sale
Charity fundraising ideas
For Cider Making

Fermenting buckets

10 litre fermenting buckets cost £8.50 each, and 25 litre costs £17.50. Alternatively you can use normal wine making equipment if you have this.
Please note: we do not make the cider ourselves, we only provide the fermenting buckets.
Opening Hours Mon - Sat from 9am to 6pm, Sun - 10am to 4pm
Phone: 01494 776 309
Chiltern Ridge, Old Sax Lane, Chartridge, HP5 2TB